Re: NTLK Grayscale Pics in NewtonPress

From: Gary Moody (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 17:31:29 EST

I had the same horrible problem with Windows. I finally contacted some
folks at Pensee who suggested reducing the colors displayed to 256 AND
resolution to 640X480. Worked like a charm! Now I have a system tray icon
from Matrox that allows on-the-fly switching of colors and resolutions.
Works every time!



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From: "Kenny Song" <>
To: "NewtonTalk" <>
Subject: Re: NTLK Grayscale Pics in NewtonPress
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 01:01 +0800

Hi Kenny,

yes, I'm talking about the Mac version. Whenever I had tried to include
grayscale pics in NewtonPress (using Photoshop, Graphicsconverter, or
ColorIt), they did never look right, in Newton Press as well as on the
Newton. Then someone, somewhere, mentioned that the monitor depth should be
reduced to 8 bit, and now it works like a charm. This is on a Umax Pulsar
with a Formac Proformance lite 80 graphics card, normally set to millions
of colors.

Michael J. Hussmann
That's odd. Can't explain why too but glad to know you bornd a way. BTW, how
is progress on NewtChorder? It's been a while and I really liked it. Did you
try out Avi Drissman's Chord box?

Kenny Song
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