Re: NTLK 130 Hard Reset???

From: Kenny Song (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 02:54:01 EST

Just got a new 130 and, after I mistakendly filled the internal store by
trying to restore a backup from my 2100, it wouldn't start anymore. So,
I decided to try a hard reset, so I press the reset switch on the back
and flip the on/off switch to on, and hold it down, but nothing happens,
as opposed to the message I usually get on my 2100. So, is there a
different way to hard reset a 130? If not, what should I do?

Thanks in advance!

Would removing ALL power work? There is a backup battery. I have forgotten if the MP 130 uses flash memory for data or SDRAM. Yes? No?

The other consideration for reliable hard reset procedure is to make sure you're plugged in. I sometimes cannot get the reset confirmation slip when I'm not plugged in.

Kenny Song
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