Re: NTLK Ready and Willing to work on NewtonMAD

From: Sunder (
Date: Fri Feb 18 2000 - 13:11:12 EST

Happily. When you're done, get me a .ZIP or .tar.gz archive and I'll put it
back up.

IMHO, if the pirateware has unregistered/demo versions from their authors
feel free to replace with those and an url or docs as how to buy the stuff.

Victor Rehorst wrote:
> Just looking through the archive, and I noticed this message from Kenneth
> Wong a few weeks ago in reply to someone's question about a NewtonMAD
> archive:
> -----
> Yup. That's NewtonMAD alright :)
> Great to know it's still alive. My personal copy was lost when my
> notebook's HDD died several weeks back, so I guess that's all left of
> NewtonMAD
> -----
> What this means is that all that's left of NewtonMAD are the archives. I
> think it would be a huge loss if everyone were to delete their copy and
> lose all of the great *legal* software in there. Since I've got a week of
> free time coming up, I'd like to volunteer my time to clean up NewtonMAD.
> I'm not able to host it, but I would gladly check every packages legality
> and then send the cleaned-up archive to the mirror site(s).
> If you were/are a NewtonMAD mirror, I'd like to hear from you (off-list of
> course).
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