Re: NTLK Newton 2000 help

From: Till (
Date: Sat Feb 19 2000 - 09:19:16 EST

><< Yes, if you only want to install packages, there is a way. Try
>These instructions worked great for me (MP2100 and Rev. B iMac).
>Best Regards,
>Till >>
>I have read it and the only way to get it to work is install EEtermainal on
>my Newton if i have no way to connect the newton to my PB G3 to install the
>package how can I do it?

Sorry, I didnīt think of that... I used my old Wintel to install
EEterminal. So I guess this is not a valid option after all unless you know
someone who can transfer the program to your Newton or a flash card...
every other solution that comes to my mind besides the dongle (i.e.,
Ethernet) is also tricky because you need at least the driver on the
Newton. Since using the keyboard requires the dongle, this is probably the
best solution after all. You would also be able to sync, make backups, and
import/export things. I think dongles can be found for less than 30 dollars
on ebay.

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