NTLK The Newted Community Offers Realtime Chat and TechSupport

From: Stacey Tenen (sysop@newted.dyndns.org)
Date: Sun Feb 20 2000 - 11:52:14 EST

For General Release 2/20/2000

What would a community be without a place to meet and chat? The
Newted Community would like to announce the opening of NewtedChat!
Three chat areas will be initially available to the public at no
charge; GeneralChat for general Newton MessagePad discussions and
meetings, TechChat where Newton owners can go for real-time
interaction with an experienced technician for help with Newton
MessagePad issues, and DeveloperChat where Newton software developers
can go to chat with their audience about new products and features.
New chat forums will be created upon demand. Chat forum schedules
will be posted on the Newted Communty's website at
http://newted.dyndns.org .

The Newted Community would like to formally invite anyone producing a
Newton product to join us in the DeveloperChat area in the near
future - please email us at sysop@newted.dyndns.org to reserve a spot
in the DeveloperChat area.

In other news today at the Newted Community:

The Newted Community is pleased to announce our next holiday giveaway
due to go off on the 4th of July! Rumors have now been confirmed -
the next giveaway item is to be a MessagePad 2100 with a number of
fine accessories! Please remember that only Newted Founder's Members
will be considered eligible for this Holiday Giveaway. For details on
how to join as a Founder's Member, please click on the Membership
link from The Newted Community's homepage.

The Newted Community, The Home Away From Home For Newton Users
Worldwide, was founded on October 9, 1999 and is an online community
dedicated to preserving and expanding the Newton Messagepad user

Stacey Tenen
Sysop of the Newted Community
ICQ 52363344
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