VICTOR: NTLK Ready and Willing to work on NewtonMAD

From: Gary Moody (
Date: Mon Feb 21 2000 - 11:28:42 EST

Apologies to the list...


Please contact me at or at 405.949.4548 regarding the
cleanup of NewtonMAD archive and mirrors thereof. I've written to both of
your other email accounts with no response (maybe a filter on HotMail?).

Also, several people have volunteered to help with the NewtonMAD cleanup.
We now have a secure FTP site with the complete archive, thanks to Dave
Solko, to accomplish this for any that are interested in helping. Contact
me privately here at for access instructions and details.

The resulting archive will be both zipped and stuffed for distribution back
to the various mirrors when complete. We are also contacting the authors
for permission to include their software in the archive to avoid
misunderstandings in the future.

Thanks and Regards,


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From: Victor Rehorst <>
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Subject: Re: NTLK Ready and Willing to work on NewtonMAD

Big thanks to all offering me help and hosting once it's cleaned up.

Problem is, I haven't secured a copy of the original archive yet: Kenneth
lost his in a hard drive crash a while ago, and Sunder rm -rf *'d his
copy. I need to find a copy somewhere...

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On Fri, 18 Feb 2000, Sunder wrote:

> Happily. When you're done, get me a .ZIP or .tar.gz archive and I'll put
> back up.
> IMHO, if the pirateware has unregistered/demo versions from their authors
> online,
> feel free to replace with those and an url or docs as how to buy the
> Victor Rehorst wrote:
> >
> > Just looking through the archive, and I noticed this message from
> > Wong a few weeks ago in reply to someone's question about a NewtonMAD
> > archive:
> >
> > -----
> > Yup. That's NewtonMAD alright :)
> >
> > Great to know it's still alive. My personal copy was lost when my
> > notebook's HDD died several weeks back, so I guess that's all left of
> > NewtonMAD
> > -----
> >
> > What this means is that all that's left of NewtonMAD are the archives.
> > think it would be a huge loss if everyone were to delete their copy and
> > lose all of the great *legal* software in there. Since I've got a week
> > free time coming up, I'd like to volunteer my time to clean up
> > I'm not able to host it, but I would gladly check every packages
> > and then send the cleaned-up archive to the mirror site(s).
> >
> > If you were/are a NewtonMAD mirror, I'd like to hear from you (off-list
> > course).

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