NTLK Writing wireless Ethernet drivers...

From: Bill Moser (guillermo1967@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Feb 21 2000 - 13:11:06 EST

Easter Eggs ( http://www.easter-eggs.com/newton ) appears to have some
Ethernet card drivers up, although it's dubious they'd develop a new one.
They appear to be caught up in the Linux craze from the look of their web
site. Still, it might be worth asking.

I'm curious if anyone on this list has written a driver for an Ethernet card
before. I downloaded parts of the Lantern DDK (NIE 2.0 device driver kit)
before, but never really got much of a sense of what it would take to write
a driver. I'd gather it has to be done in C++, not Newtonscript, but would
it vary much from the template provided with Lantern? And I'd assume I'd
have to learn MPW & other Mac related programming things.

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Bill M.
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