Re: NTLK Emate / Intel Flash Cards

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 03:04:19 EST

on 24-02-2000 6:17, Bill Davis at wrote:

> IMPORTANT NOTE: Does the eMate have a "lock" switch like the older
> Newtons (1xx) models did? On those models, you not only had to put the
> card in the slot but you had to flip the switch back to "lock" to lock
> the card in, as I recall, and get it recognized by the unit.

No it doesn't, the eMate had a eject button, the same as a 2x00, only the
design is nicer, but so is the whole eMate ;-)
> If not, maybe your card slot is broken, actually, from the message. You
> should get some other error than "no card inserted" if you put an
> unsupported card into a Newton.

Alex already posted that a soft reset did the trick, so nothing broken here,
confirms the age old wisdom that when in trouble with a computer, restart

Robert Benschop

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