Re: NTLK eMate/Intel cards

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Fri Feb 25 2000 - 01:49:00 EST

On 2/24/2000 3:41 PM, Carolyn Kennedy []
>Many thanks, Bill! As an eMate user who's now acquired an MP120 to use
>as well, I had no idea about having to lock the card in (there isn't a
>lock switch on the eMate, but you do need to make sure the card's pushed
>right in). I'd decided the MP must have a fault, as it didn't seem to
>recognize the card - I knew the card was OK, as the eMate was prepared
>to read it, tho' it obviously couldn't write to it. I've just tried
>again locking it in - and lo and behold I can back up to my card.


>And yes, I have some of Paul Braham's cards, bought via Info-Newt, which
>I'm using in the eMate, with no problems at all. And backing up to a
>card is a huge improvement on backing up to my Mac. Buy them while
>they're still available, I'd say (especially as I was quoted 126
>sterling+tax and shipping to buy 2MB cards for the Newton from about the
>only place I've found still stocking Newton bits in the UK - I didn't
>dare ask what cards for the eMate would cost . . . And no, of course I
>didn't buy 2MB cards at that price, I got some Apple cards for $25 each
>from the Newton Classifieds).

A lot of people seem to be finding Paul's cards a great value; it's a
rare case that people tell me they bought only ONE of his cards (at $35 a
pop for 6MB I can see why!)

>Once again, thanks - you've made my day (although you have now robbed me
>of my main excuse for upgrading my 'broken' 120 to a 130 with

Glad I could, um, "help" ;-)

 - Bill

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