NTLK MP130 and Siemens S25 GSM Phone

From: Olaf Bohlen (obohlen@joanna.alphapop.de)
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 09:45:00 EST

Hi there,

today I connected my MP130 to my S25 GSM phone with a normal PC
Data-Cable from Siemens and a Macintosh to PC Modem Adapter
Cable. My configuration for the modem is: "Hayes compartible",
"serial" and "no waiting for dialtone". And it works great. I
was able to fax, to mail and to phone :)

I am very happy with this combination. If you have questions,
just mail me :)


Olaf 'Holger' Bohlen

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 a    a a  PPPP   OOO  PPPP   Olaf Bohlen (OB1142-RIPE)
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