Re: NTLK FW: $65 Newton 120s

From: Ben Doughney (
Date: Tue Feb 29 2000 - 00:24:20 EST

>What can anyone tell me about the 120? Any users out there willing to give a
>review? With an eMate and a MP2k, I'm starting to become a Newton-junkie
>("starting"?) and was wondering what the 120 has to offer on its own. How's
>the HWR? Size? Speed?

I have a 120 and a eMate, but want to upgrade to a 2000, the 120 is a bit
limited. Compared to the eMate, the 120 is a bit slower, but not by that
     The handwriting recognition is accurate, but can be a bit slow at
times. One of the main problems aside from speed, is the 120 lacks a
backlight and you can go short of memory very quickly.
     The main advantage is size and weight; it fits comfortably in your
hand, and is not too heavy. Having had a 120 with OS1.3 and OS2.0 I would
recomend one with the 2.0 OS. You can transfer data easily between a
eMate and 120, and the handwriting is so much better between the 1.3 and
2.0 OS.

Ben Doughney

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