Re: NTLK RE: Imap/Pop

From: Brian McEwen (
Date: Sun Jul 02 2000 - 21:29:55 CDT

>My wife told me last week that there is a good new Eudora V4.x which can do
>both at the same time. Sad that Netscape can't do it, since I have it open
>all the time and many company services run on it very fine, w/o virus
>attacks ;-)

        Yup, I use the full version Eudora now on my desktop, it took a
little while to
get the purchase order through to Qualcomm though. Nice client. Pretty
cheap, educational purchase price.

>It leaves a mess of msgs which have to be deleted from the server in order
>to be below the 3...5MB mailbox size. After doing so the msg is always on
>that computer, which is not accessible if you need a certain attachment.

Yes, annoying, but I run my own server so have no mailbox size limit :)
plus anything I REALLY need I can get from that machines ftpd later.

One good thing for those of us (many? I hope) who use POP3 and "leave
messages on server" until we download them from a non-Newton site-
Sometime, somewhen, Simon will implement respect of the "read" flag of the
server- meaning, you can read messages from your Newton, delete them, and
the next time you download, you DON'T have to receive them again, even
though they are still there (ala goFetch). Handy for those of us with
limited memory! This would be great for me as I use one machine as the
repository for all mail (delete from server), and check from many other
machines (leave messages on server, which can accumulate a LOT of email
before it gets archived).

If this feature would help others a lot, politely! let Simon know :) It's
not likely to appear soon however.


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