NTLK Re: off topic-Used Macs & Web Building Software

From: Steve Dockery (sdockery@gte.net)
Date: Sun Jul 02 2000 - 23:56:28 CDT

Mr. Dog-

Several years ago, I bought a used Powerbook 140 from Shreve, and haven't
had any problems with it. Having said that, I too have heard vague rumblings
about Shreve not being a good place to go, but I just thought I should point
out that I had no problem myself.

Regarding website building, I do it for a living, and I use Dreamweaver and
BBEdit. The two of them work together (in fact, BBEdit comes bundled with
Dreamweaver). You need them both because, although using a WYSIWYG editor
like Dreamweaver is handy, you sometimes need to edit the actual code (with
BBEdit) because DW either did something weird, or you need to change or add
something that's easier to do to the actual HTML.

Hope this helps!

-Steve Dockery

> This is slightly off topic, but I thought some of you might have some
> thoughts on this. Where are the best places to get used Macs? Any reliable
> sources? From all I hear, Shreve Systems is to be avoided like the plague.
> A friend is considering getting a mac, maybe even a powerbook.
> Also, from all I gather the software of choice for web site building is
> either BBEdit or Dreamweaver. Any comments or suggestions?
> Thanks.
> Good Dog, alias "Ugly American/Bad Dog"

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