NTLK Leaving batteries out for a long time

From: Gruendel, Frank 3837 PPE-WT (Frank.Gruendel@de.heidelberg.com)
Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 04:15:03 CDT

>is a teeny internal battery that powers RAM when the super capacitor runs
>out of charge--10 to 20 minutes after you yank the battery pack. Once this
>battery goes dead, and consequently your RAM gets corrupted/erased, your
>unit is hosed and has to be sent to the factory for recalibration.

This is definitely untrue for all MP's from OMP up to MP130. I have taken
all of them, there's no internal battery. I've never seen an open MP2K, but
can't believe that Apple would put in a battery to power the unit when the
super capacitor runs out. If there was such a battery, they could have left
out the
capacitor altogether, and believe me, they would have done this as these
were quite expensive at the time the MP2K was manufactured.

>It's easy
>to avoid the problem--make sure the unit has fresh batteries in it even if
>you aren't using it.

Make sure "fresh" means really "fresh". Replace them at least every 3 months
or so. Even if you don't use the MP, it will, so to say, use itself every
night when it rolls over to do items. I've never tried what happens when you
have any to do items, i. e. after a brain wipe. Does the MP turn on every
anyway? Any idea, anyone?
Replacing the batteries on a regualar basis
also helps to avoid battery leakage. Modern alkaline batteries don't leak
that much anymore these days, but I have a couple of devices that prove some
of them don't know this...

>What do you guys think? Can you leave batteries out of your MP2x00 for too
>long that you would lose inportant info?

Depends on what you consider important. Some models lose, for example, any
system updates you might have installed. However, you won't lose any
that would result in your MP being unusable.

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