Re: NTLK rechargable batteries ?

From: J. van de Griek (
Date: Tue Jul 04 2000 - 10:11:26 CDT

Heiko Cultus wrote:

> > My battery for my 2100 died so I switched to a charger and NiCads from
> > Radioslack. I charge em in their own charger over night. My question is
> > newt only reads them as alkiline and at about 60% when new and fresh. Am
> > crazy, do I have a bad batch, is my newt deep sixing or is there some
> > reason.....
> In the original Apple-rechargeable-Batteriepack is a NTC-resistor, which
> the temperature. If the the NTC isn't there, the Newton won't recognise
> there are rechargeable batteries.
> There is a little programm that allows you to select the batterie type. It
> called Nick's SoftCharg:

I think it's rather the fact that the Newton "thinks" there are alkalines in
the battery cage, which have a full-charge voltage of 1.5V, while most
NiCads have a voltage of 1.2V.


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