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Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 07:12:28 CDT

You can sort of do that with LookOut, which synchs the MP130 address book
to the OutLook address book. In the 5 free tries I had in the demo, it
transferred all the Newton data into Outlook, but I must have had
something messed up in how the outlook data was arranged because the Newt
wound up with many of the address entries duplicated. It may have had
something to do with how I originally exported my Newton address list
into Outlook. I was synching on about 500 entries and LookOut crashed
before getting finished updating the Newton; probably ran out of Newton


>From: (Bill Davis)
>To: (NewtonTalk)
>On 7/4/00 1:24 AM, [] wrote:
>>Hello Newton'eers,
>>I have been using my Newton 130 for about a year now and I have been quite
>>satisfied with its versatility. I have built up a pretty good database of
>>names and addresses and I would like to keep it in sync with an emailer
>>program. I know the Newton is no longer made, and I am also aware that
>>are not that many current developers out there but does anyone know if
>>is an (older) program that I can load on to my G3 to maintain my names and
>>addresses? This is a stretch, but can I sync up my Newton with Outlook
>>Express for the mac? I would be willing to try an older program as well (Is
>>Claris emailer a viable choice??)
>Sorry, but the answer is no - there's no email program I know of on the
>Mac that can sync it's address book to the Newton. You could probably
>export from the Newton and import to the email program or vice versa (if
>the email program supports import/export) but that's not the same thing
>as synching.
>If you just want to have your data in readable form on your Mac, you can
>use NCU export or sync to Claris Organizer files and open them with Palm
>Desktop (which is Claris Organizer, renamed and available free on
> - Bill

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