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Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 09:25:48 CDT

Actually the Airport has been worked on since late 95. The Newton
was killed due to a personal issue with Steve, not a business issue!

>You never know what Jobs has up his sleeve when it comes to new products.
>Point in case, Airport wireless' introduction. I certainly didn't see that
>one coming. A "smartphone" certainly wouldn't be out of the realm of
>speculation for apple. With Apple's strategic moves toward internet
>services (iTools etc.) a smartphone would be a valued net appliance. Read
>your email and access your account via the website? Also it would
>be an opportunity for apple to leapfrog into the emerging bluetooth
>revolution. This device would certainly would be a "palm-killer." It would
>almost certainly have seamless integration into OSX. There are a few
>questions regarding an apple/palm partnership on this thing. All this
>without cannibalizing your imac/ibook sales!
>I know no new products will appear bearing the Newton name though. Jobs,
>the CEgO that he is would see that as admitting his failure to foresee the
>handheld revolution. Ironic that Jobs killed Newton, which he referred to
>it as a "scribble pad", and years later he trys to buy Palm and Handspring.
>All I can say is good hardware is nothing without a good software interface
>and scribbling graffiti on a little cell phone screen won't cut it. We can
>only hope as Newton lovers that the best of our beloved little friends
>finds it's way into any new PDA/Net appliance plans Apple has.
>But to steal a line from Dennis Miller, "Of course that's one man's
>opinion, I could be wrong."
>BTW - I'm from Texas where we ride around on our horses all day with our
>Newtons strapped to our hips on a holster and we do "quickdraw" text
>recognition with palm users. All there is to eat is mexican food and when
>we pay our checks we use our newtons to figure the tip.
>- Jimmy
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