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From: John I. Clark (jiclark@independence.net)
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 11:34:10 CDT

What's with all the weird battery juju lately, huh? Right after I read
the first post about someone's rechargable MP2100 battery not holding a
charge, mine went strange on me and didn't seem to notice that it had
been plugged in for several hours. Since then, I've charged it for a
good long overnight charge and it seems back to normal, but I'm
concerned anyway. This battery was new from Oz about a year ago, and I
don't use my Newt all THAT much, so it should last for several years,
right? What are other's experiences with life span of these batteries? I
have a bunch of recyclable NiMH AAs that I use in my digital camera, so
I could start using them in my battery sled and recharging them in their
charger when necessary, but I'd like to hope the Newton rechargable
would last awhile longer...

Other questions:
1) I have my recharge warning set to 15% (via SBM's Options.pkg). Is
this a mistake? Am I discharging my battery too much each time?

2) If I plug in the AC adapter when the battery isn't fully discharged
(to do something like run my Newt under NPDS for an evening, or just do
a bunch of network stuff while attached to my Farallon card), should I
pull the rechargable so as to not OVERCHARGE it, especially if it's
almost fully charged already? Is it possible to overcharge it by leaving
it plugged in to the adapter for too long under any circumstances?

3) Clarification, please: Frank (thanks, Frank, for being such a willing
and able resource, BTW) said that you can put a piece of cardboard
somewhere in some models to be able to charge store-bought NiMH AAs in
the battery sled... Is this possible in the 2100? Could someone give a
more detailed description of the process is it IS possible? (Or do you
have to get the tabbed rechargables and follow that German site's
process for making a homemade internally rechargable pack?)

Thanks for your help, all; and let's hope that there is not some subtle
shift happening in the Earth's magnetic field that is slowly making all
our Newts and 'Mates batteries act up!

John I. Clark
Glass artist & Mac aficionado
Ridgway, CO 81432-0053

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