Re: NTLK Newton comparisons (Why doesn't everyone like their viso rs/palms)

From: Ben Doughney (
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 16:43:56 CDT

on 6/7/00 3:32 AM, at wrote:

> I have often thought that the
> keys and mini joysticks they put on pdas are a good idea. Having to pull
> out the stylus every time you want something is a pain. I am always tempted
> to use my fingers instead.
> Has any one else looked at the Twiddler? It is a one hand input device that
> lets gives you access to a full keyboard by utilizing a combinations of
> several keys. Sounds complicated, right. It is, however it is also used by
> fighter pilots to input data. They are a pretty busy bunch so there must be
> some facility to it. Once again the price has held me back, it was about
> $200.
> I don't mean to wander too far afield, I just like to "ask the experts"
> about various PDA features. All part of my master plan for selecting my
> next PDA. The central goal of my plan? Not to feel like a jerk for at
> least 6 months after I buy it. I hear more and more good things about the
> Psions.

I personally like the "TrackPoint" that IBM have on all of their ThinkPads.
I like this style of pointing device over the TrackPad found on PowerBook

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