Re: NTLK Newton comparisons (Why doesn't everyone like their viso rs/palms)

From: Ben Doughney (
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 21:46:17 CDT

on 6/7/00 10:50 AM, Michael Manthey at

> Intriguing what you say about the "Twiddler". Never saw one, but I assume
> it is meant to give one-hand-control?
> Research into the way we control our PDA's will probably have a spin-off
> effect for all sorts of devices: cars, phones, TV, the familiar desktop PC
> and so on. It's funny that the Newton is still so advanced in a time when
> information technol0gy seems to explode by the month. The trick will be to
> combine the speed of keyboard input with the intuitive gestures of writing
> and pointing and to devise an appropriate interface. What we see at the
> moment is pioneer work and there are not many satisfactory solutions: my
> guess is that we'll see innovation coming in a new generation of
> mobile/PDA devices; that's the real big market (my impression from CEBIT
> this year).

These are also called 'Chording Keyboards' there was an ADB one around for
Mac a looong time ago.

Ben Doughney

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