Re: NTLK Newton comparisons (Why doesn't everyone like their visors/palms)

From: Glenn Roe (
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 01:42:48 CDT

Hi All,

    I've been watching this discussion and just thought I'd add some to
the comments. I think it all depends on what you need. I used a
powerbook for years, then switched to a MP2100 when it came out. I was
hooked because as I added software and a portable printer, I learned
that I could actually replace my laptop and do much more. The main
reasons are: the instant on - it just makes it more practical and swift
to do something; the battery life - not worrying about running it dead
or having to plug it in makes it more likely that I will use it
frequently; the economy of the OS - really the most under rated, under
discussed feature of the Newton, in our times of bloated OSs and
applications everything on the Newt is so amazingly economical with
memory; and the coolness factor - after all these years not a week goes
by that at least 2-3 people ask about what it is and marvel at what it
    I switched just a few months ago to an eMate after giving a couple
to my kids last Christmas and becoming familiar with them. The three
reasons I switched are because the screen is bigger and more readable
(not quite ready to admit that my old eyes need glasses), having the
keyboard so readily available is a plus (I really like to type and find
myself using the machine even more than I did my MP), and the sturdiness
of eMates (the MP seems so much more fragile - the doors have broken off
all the ones we use in our business except one, 5 in all). My eMate was
knocked off a table about 3 feet to the floor a few weeks ago, and
although I cringed, it was no worse for wear.
    I have quite a few friends who use palms and visors, and they all
seem to lust after a Newton and admit that it is a much more capable
machine. The ones who don't really want anything more capable than the
palm devices seem content with what they have. The bottom line is that
the Newton makes a significant difference in the life of anyone who
really uses it. I just had an employee quit to move to LA and begged me
to sell her the MP she had used for more than a year. I can't imagine
life without one until something truly as capable and better comes
along. Sorry to go on so long . . . .

Glenn Roe
"Caregiver to 10 green ones"

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