Re: NTLK Emate error 48409?

From: Woo Lee (
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 02:06:07 CDT

I use...

1. BackdropPlus from standalone. Great backdrop with one-tap launching desktop, heap control, one-tap to Notes and backlight and Clock and battery status, and even displays owner's name, company, and contact phone number.

2. StartBar from standalone. Pop-Up or -Down menus to activate .pkgs and one-tap switching between open apps. via a Windows-like taskbar at either bottom or top of screen.

Both have 30-day trial periods. *But* if you try either or both and decide not to keep, then download SA's Prefs Cleaner to get rid of leftover prefs., this can also be used for other residual stuff.

HTH! I use both on my MP2KU's and eMates.
>my eMate. Any
>>suggestions on packages to use, since I can't use Dashboard on the eMate
>>any suggestions on a launching package?

!ooW %-)
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