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Programming for Beginners

> What is the chance of having either a rolling version (a la Frere Jacques)
> or a complete repeat at some later date for those of us who are joining
> late?

Good question! However, I don't know how to answer your questions..

I guess I should tell you a little story of how nmap101 came about..

I am an ex-member of a online community called the DreamTeam. It was a group
of programmers who wanted to learn PowerPlant application framework for
Macintosh. Fortunately we had Metrowerks as our sponsor and technical
support. We used the book "Inside PowerPlant for CW" as our textbook, We go
through the book chapter by chapter, similar to what nmap101 is doing now.

There were some experts on the list who designed mini-projects for each
chapter of the book. So apart from the exercises at the end of each chapter,
we also have to do the mini-projects. If I remember correctly, there were
also online tutorials written.

After people are familiar with the basic of PowerPlant, it is project time!
People formed up project groups according to their level of expertise and
interests. We had a big website, with each group has their own webpage.
People firstly signed up or create their own projects. The group is usually
3-4 people. Each group has their own mailing list too.

Did I mentioned that there were a few people volunteered to form up a
committee which oversees the running of the community. I think we had a few
mailing lists running. One for administration, announcement, chat, etc.

I forgot how the DreamTeam came to an end. Maybe we finished the book? :)
Anyway, since the time I bought my first Newton, I always had a dream of
having a similar group of people who has the passion for Newton, and who are
willing to learn to develop for it as a group. So they can help each other
on the path towards reaching this goal.

After NTK became free downloadable, I bought the book "Programming For The
Newton Using Macintosh" and later acquired a few other related books. One
day I was reading comp.sys.newton.misc (or .programmer?) and I came across a
post asking question about the book I mentioned above. Doug and I had a few
email exchange, and I mentioned the idea of forming an online group for the
beginner Newton developers, and Doug mentioned that eGroups is the way to
go. So after another few email exchange, nmap101 was created! Doug, who is
the list owner came up with the name NMAP101 (Newton MessagePad Application
Programming 101) I must say it is much better than the names that I

Anyway, after a few announcement on comp.sys.newton.* and NTLK, here we are
now. Since it was my idea, so at the moment, it is I who is making the call.
However, as we are now approaching to 80 members (yeah!) I like pass this
responsibility to a group of people who are much more skillful in
structuring and running of an organization. I am glad to help created an
online community for the new Newton developers, but to ensure the existence
and effectiveness of nmap101, we need to be more organized.

Back to Paul's question. If we have a committee, we can discuss the
feasibility of your suggestion, and how to implement it. At the moment, what
I can do is to slow down the schedule a little bit, so people who joined us
later can catch up with the reading and exercises.

Lastly, I just like to say that each member of nmap101 is a contributor to
the success of this online community. I suggest you browse through the
nmap101 website sometime, you will discover that there are many areas you
can contribute. e.g., providing useful links, upload relevant files, create
interesting polls, and posting questions/answers to the list is what keeps
the list alive! Take a look at NTLK, it has 50+ messages everyday. I think
we have more posts per day than comp.sys.newton.programmer now. So if we can
keep it up and attract more members, either newbie or expert, we will become
the biggest online community for Newton developers. And our success will
become a great driving force to the Newton community in general.

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