NTLK Twiddler I/F for Newt?

From: Hamilton, George (George.Hamilton@msfc.nasa.gov)
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 13:41:14 CDT

On Wednesday 5 July, Prentice Gray wrote: how about a Twiddler H/W interface
& S/W driver for Newton 2K? Several in my workgroup have MP 2K, and would
like to try alternate input devices. Does anyone know about how to connect
a Twiddler to MP? Yep we already have Newt keyboards, large & loud.
Interesting how the Emate keyboard is quiet.

Twiddler might work quite well for meeting note-taking where you could see
the MP screen, also for on the go dictating, say while walking over an
outdoor site, or while going through an airport. The Twiddler only uses one
hand, leaving a hand free to greet someone or hold a briefcase, or a stair
rail. I'd like to try it.--george

Has any one else looked at the Twiddler? It is a one hand input device that
lets gives you access to a full keyboard by utilizing a combinations of
several keys. (Called chording, like you do to play a guitar) Sounds
complicated, right. However it is also used by fighter pilots to input data.
They are a pretty busy bunch so there must be
some facility to it. Once again the price has held me back, it was about

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