NTLK Auto detecting battery type

From: Gruendel, Frank 3837 PPE-WT (Frank.Gruendel@de.heidelberg.com)
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 06:17:54 CDT

>All battery utilities I've seen automatically
>detect the kind of batteries in the Newton...

This is not quite correct. The battery utilities ask the
Newton operating system for the type of battery installed.
What all Newtons can detect is whether an original Apple
rechargeable pack is installed or not. No more, no less.

If it is, this means for the Newton

AAA size NiCad (OMP, MP 100)
AA size NiCad (MP110, 120, 130)
AA size NiMH (MP2x00, eMate)

and the Newton will calculate the reported capacity accordingly.

If the Newton doesn't detect an orginal Apple rechargeable pack, it
will assume there are alkalines installed, no matter if you put in
off-the-shelf NiMH's or NiCad's. Thus the reported capacity is wrong.

I have never looked into it, but I think it would be possible to
write an application which overrides the part of the OS that battery
utilities query (for the programmers: I'm talking of the
BatteryStatus(0) call) and return a battery type different from what's
actually installed. Maybe Paul can comment on this?

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