From: Paul Guyot (pguyot@pnm-consulting.com)
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 10:36:37 CDT

Hi Fellow Newtoneers,

Well, here are more news with 3 additional screenshots.
The partition is read properly. I made some changes to the GUI hence
the screen shots.

This is a fake partition map. I altered the partition map for the
GUI, with 3 fake partitions, one of each recognized type. The
overview arrows work properly (I tried with 5 partitions, but you
can't see the fifth - maybe I'll put the number of partitions

The real partition map can be seen here:

Then, I reformatted the partition map for a Newton Stores Collection
with two stores. Sure, they don't mount yet, but that's what I need
to write right now. Once written, I'll improve the interface for
formatting (today you press the erase button and it writes 512 bytes
I entered manually), and you'll get your beta. BTW, I don't read the
name of the partitions yet.

The screen shot for the current partition is:

Sure, DOS support (and HFS(+)/Unix support) will come later.

Daily news (at least the days I work on the project) are on my NPDS
server, http://newt.dyndns.org:8080 (I fixed the configuration
problem with the domain name).

Best regards,


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