Re: NTLK Audio dongles

From: Victor Rehorst (
Date: Sat Jul 08 2000 - 13:25:25 CDT

On Sat, 8 Jul 2000, Ivan Shaw wrote:

> Anyone else catch this post on c.s.n.m yesterday?
> "Daniel Padilla" <> has indicated that he's going
> to be selling audio dongles.
> ----- quote -----
> Next week I will start selling a new audio "dongle". It will have a stereo
> jack but the sound will be mono. Just wait a few days...
> --- end quote ---

Yeah, I did.

> It's not clear what his plug is going to support but I read it as a
> headphone jack only. Good for MP2x00 users (jack's missing), not so great
> for eMate users (no microphone).

I think he might have meant that he's building them using stereo jacks, but
they will only deliver mono sound (since the Newton only puts out mono)

> Personally, I'd pay serious $$ for anyone who can reproduce that dongle
> prototype Arnold Kim has a photo of (microphone, headphone, second serial,
> power). It's not that I can do it myself; I was never any good at either
> microsurgery or microinjections in grad school and I can't see that
> changing with soldering (NewtonOZ - what happened to those engineer
> relatives of yours?).

I've had almost all of the parts for such a project for a long time now --
the only thing I'm missing is the LTC1323 serial line driver (but they can
either be ordered from Digikey or replaced with a MAX232 or a MAX3232). I
also have sketches of a design I talked about with Eric Schneck (NewtJabber
/ Siemens PocketReader driver guy) a while ago.

(That reminds me, I made a motorized Newton stand out of LEGO and haven't
posted the pictures yet!)

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