Re: NTLK How much memory is supposed to show up on the MP2100?

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 15:59:33 CDT

>I have a non-upgraded 2000. I am running the dashboard upgrade,
>that has a memory heap indicator. my memory heap is never above
>80k. Is that what should be available? What will be
>available with the additional 3 megs?
>I think that there is confusion between memory and storage in these posts.

I am not sure I confused.
With additional 3 megs you'll have up to 400 KB or something like
that. Personally I have 160 KB because I have DictMgr and other heap
hungry softwares. Victor has 330 KB as I was able to see few minutes
ago. He probably use Heap Saver or another software that does the
same job.

Anyway, this is the NS Heap. Indeed (oh, I just thought now: I was in
the bowels of the Flash driver, one could increase the cache size,
umm), the memory is shared among fixed size heaps plus a heap which
is not allocated (new heaps are substracted from it).

The 717260 & 710031 allocates a larger heap for NewtonScript if 4
megs of DRAM are found. But NewtonScript doesn't get 100 % of the
memory. There are plenty of other things in the RAM. For example, the
Newton Internet Enabler uses a lot of it. Each view uses part of the
memory for its graphical representation, outside the NewtonScript
heap. Drivers and in fact all C++ code are loaded in the System Heap
or their own heap.



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