Re: NTLK How much memory is supposed to show up on the MP2100?

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 16:32:34 CDT

>At 02:36 PM 7/9/00 -0700, Paul Oberman wrote:
>>what is the 717260 &710031??
>Patches for the system ROM. 717260 was the last release from Apple
>and is required by upgraded MP2Ks to use the additional RAM.

To be correct: to use additional RAM for NewtonScript Heap. The
Newton allocated the NS Heap and other fixed size heaps and declares
all the remaining memory as free. If you run some C++ code which
allocates memory, it will be taken from that pool. If you insert a
card with a removable handler, the handler is loaded in a separate
heap which is drawn from that pool, too.

In fact, there was also the Newton, Inc patch (717246). It has the
same functionalities than the 717260, was released few 14 days
earlier, has the same internal version (this allows a patch to refuse
to install if you already have something greater), but patches the
Apple string to Newton Inc. Can't remember its name exactly (for the
naming convention, I put all I guessed into the FAQ).

Those patches introduce other changes to the ROM, such as the
contrast slider tap functionality.

>710031 is a Paul Guyot patch (who said you can't write your own?)
>which fixes a Dates/Find bug in 717260.

And in prior versions. (the bug is not in the patch but in the ROM)



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