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From: Ching Yi Tsai (tsai@mac.com)
Date: Sat Jul 08 2000 - 23:08:50 CDT

I faced the same problem when I started to write my thesis a year ago. I
tried to write the outline draft and paragraph draft on eMate and
import/export from/to a Powerbook.

At the end I only use my eMate as a typewriter and email the text to my
Linux laptop and use Latex to process the text to thesis format.

IMHO, if you use a lot of bibliography and references in your thesis, you
will be better off invest a couple of weeks learning how to use Latex/Bibtex
etc to write your thesis. And be a very very happy person for the rest of
the year when you are writing your thesis.

Many of my mates regrated their decision to write their thesis in MS Word
instead of Latex. They spend the last month fiddling with the document
format, when I can work on the content of my thesis and not to worry about
the format.

Best wish for your thesis!

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I began writing my graduate thesis text trow NotePadOutiline and I
would continue the maximum I can with :

hierarchical management of paragraphs
exchanges or synchro with desktop software

wich combination of software would you see?

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