Re: NTLK internal/card RAM storage management

From: Victor Rehorst (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 12:33:07 CDT

On Wed, Jul 12 2000 Malawi, Hilal wrote:
>The basic question is what belongs on the internal store, and what can live
>comfortably on a flash card?

I keep all of my extentions on Internal, as well as all of my Names, Dates, and Notes. In/Out box messages I keep on my card because I get lots of e-mail and there's more space on it (I have a 10MB card in the top slot and usually an Ethernet card in tbe bottom slot). Important apps and utilities are on Internal as well (SBM Utils, Sloup, NPDS). All of my games and internet apps (Mahjongg, Newt's Cape) are on the card. Basicially, if I ever need to pop the card out I won't lose any of my important data or apps. I've currently got 1MB free on Internal and 6MB free on my card (but I just recently wiped the card and started re-installing apps from scratch, and I discovered that I didn't need all of the cruft on there - there used to be only 2MB free).
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