Re: NTLK Re: SimpleMai l4: GIF format

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 14:33:11 CDT

>Paul wrote:
>"alter the GIF Package to change its signature: offset 00A5, change 'G'
>(47) to 'Z' (5A)"
>Sure thing Paul, but I guess that I need a hex editor for that one ? Do you
>know any for Windows ?

Sorry, no. Umm, in fact I used PCTools years ago.
But you can use any text editor that won't alter anything else. The G
is in GIFFormat:Simple but it is unicode, hence there is a '\0'
between each character.
Or use Basilik and a MacOS Hex editor - General Edit Lite, BrainHex,
HexEdit, ResEdit with the proper module, MPW with Rez and Derez.
(that's what I prefer, especially with big files, like a 16 MB Disk
Image of some CF card I have around ;-).
Or try to send the package by e-mail, modify it directly while in the
InBox provided that it is really copied, ... no. Anyway DON'T alter
the package while in the Package Soup (at best you'll get a -10061,
at worst, you'll loose everything on your Newton).



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