NTLK Re: NuShield Screen protectors

From: markr13 (markr13@voicenet.com)
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 19:09:33 CDT

>Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 18:51:17 -0500
>From: Christian A. Bargmann <bargmann@davesworld.net>
>Subject: Screen protectors for eMate 300 and Newton 130.
>I checked out the NuShield site. Very nice. The protectors there are
>only for the MP 2000/2100. Where can I find screen protectors for an
>eMate 300 and a Newton 130? Do they even make protectors for these models?

>From: Kenny Song <kensong@pc.jaring.my>
>The ability to charge to Card is a big plus for international orders.
>Thanks. Maybe Oz should set up a site like this especially its so hard to
>transact with him through email.
>BTW, what happened to plans for a "clear" NuShields we were all talking
>about. The Newton screen is really beautiful without protection though I
>personally won't use mine without one. A clear NuShield will go a long way
>towards this goal.
>Kenny Song

OK, I'll answer all the questions at once.

1. We never sold NuShields for the MP1X0 nor the eMate. Oz had made them
in the past but I am unsure if he still is. Tima Scientific may have
some MP1X0 left as well. You can reach them at <http://www.timasci.com>.
 We can make them if other sources dry up. The hitch is that we need to
break even on our initial purchases of steel rule dies and materials. I
would need approximately 10 orders for each platform before I can
consider this. Please email me off list if you are interested in
purchasing NuShields for either the MP 1X0 or the eMate. I will also
need a template for the eMate since we don't have one to design the
product around. If anyone has an old NuShield or Barrier for the eMate,
please send it to me. Our address is on the web site.

2. The question of "clear" NuShields is still being investigated. My
problem is that the correct film characteristics are not a standard
product. To obtain a product that will work in both the Newton and Palm
platforms, we need a very special film that is coated differently on each
side. While this can be done, custom film converters do not want to deal
with the kind of small business that we represent. I've been hung up on
by all the best places! I am now working with our current supplier who
has the correct film type but in the wrong thickness. They have the
ability to make the correct film and have done so in the past, but don't
have the market justification for it. We are working on a way to
accomplish this, but it doesn't look good. Even though this film will
work correctly on both platforms, it will still not be completely clear.
What we want and what is available commercially are two different
animals. Even if we find what we need, the minimum order sizes are such
that we would have enough film for 5 years of production! I'll keep
pressing on with this. I haven't called everyone yet and maybe I'll get

Mark Ross

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