NTLK Newt's Cape plug-ins (with SimpleMail and EETransfer)

From: Calvin Grier (cgrier@ix.netcom.com)
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 09:32:39 CDT

I'm having trouble using Newt's Cape (NC) to open documents that should be

First thing:
MP2000+ with two 6MB Flash cards.
NC vers. 2.1b-2
SimpleMail 4.0b5/debug
JPEGConvert version 10, 4/25/99
PilotDoc cers 10, 1/4/00
GIF Format vers 1, 2/20/00

If I sent email to my MP2K and attach a MIME encoded GIF file, I get the
following error trying to open the email from within Newt's Cape (-48402)

If I try opening the picture in the In/Out box, I sometimes get error
(-48418). However, I've gotten this to go away on a few pictures by
resetting the Newton. But I can't consistently look at emailed GIF files.
(When it does work I love it. The plug-in uses the Fax document tools that
allow zooming in and out with a nice thumbnail version in the corner.)

I'm now having the same problem when I try to use PilotDoc. Opening in
Newt's Cape gives (-48402). Selecting the .PDB file in the Part-picker
displays a half-readable bunch of strange characters.

I tried EETransfer to see if it would help, but I have the same trouble. I
can't open any GIF, JPG or PDB file in the InBox from Newt's Cape. Opening
anything from within the InBox doesn't do me any good, because the file
isn't recognized as a picture or PilotDoc.

What's the trick? I'd like to have maps that I grabbed from Mapquest, and
books that are in PilotDoc format. SimpleMail or EETransfer weem to be the
easiest way to get them to the Newton. But I can't seem to use them.

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