RE: NTLK Problem roaming with Freewwweb

From: Tobin, John (
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 14:31:07 CDT

I've had the exact same problem, I can connect via freewwweb fine on my MP2k
from home but when trying to connect from Chicago it will not complete the
PPP process. Same thing applies when trying to connect with my PB 2300c.

I like freewwweb because there are no banners and it supports multiple
devices (like my Dreamcast) but it is not very reliable. I've heard other
folks using Freei with their Newts. Does it work OK in multiple locations?

- John

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Subject: NTLK Problem roaming with Freewwweb

I was on a short vacation last weekend in Virginia Beach. At some point,
I've tried connecting to the web through freewwweb to get my email. I
was never able to get a connection, and would always get a "PPP
negotiation failed" error, while trying to dial the VA Beach local
access number.

Desperate, I've then made a long distance to Herndon, to the local
access number I'm using and did connect immeditately on my first
attempt. I had to pick this local access number when I originally signed
with freewwweb, and now it seems I'm stucked with that number and the
system won't let me dial in from any other number.

So, what does that mean? I can't dial in using other local access
number, but my local one? I've thought I would be able to access
freewwweb from anywhere they provide a local access number, but that
doesn't seem to be true.

BTW, the internet setup I used for VA Beach was a duplicate from the
Herndon's one I have. I've just replaced the phone number, so I believe
that it was good.

Any idea from other freewwweb Newton users?


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