Re: NTLK ATA News: ontological question

From: Wolf Lichtenberger (
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 04:23:51 CDT

At 12:57 13.07.00, Paul Guyot wrote:
>[John, Landon, Walter and Greg: I cc'ed you because it would be nice if
>you could explain me XIPObjects and Transactions: see at the end
>== XIPObjects ==
>NewtonErr CalcXIPObjectSize(long, long, long*);
> // TPackageStore returns kError_XIP_Not_Possible
>NewtonErr NewXIPObject(long, unsigned long*);
> // TPackageStore returns kError_XIP_Not_Possible
>NewtonErr GetXIPObjectInfo(unsigned long, unsigned long*, unsigned
>long*, unsigned long*);
> // TPackageStore returns kError_XIP_Not_Possible

XIP means probably "eXecute In Place".
Now this should be no problem with a linear flash card that maps completely
into the address space, but i believe it is nearly impossible with the
sector oriented ATA cards, which IIRC map very little amounts at any one time.

-- Wolf

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