NTLK Re: GIF format (slightly off topic)

From: Pascal Massun (pascal.massun@skynet.be)
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 06:20:28 CDT

Bradley wrote
"Slightly Off Topic now:-

Also, like you, I've recently been converted to apple since having my
Newton. The Pentium Pro went about a month back and an Apple Powerbook 520c
arrived. Nice, but too slow. The Powerbook has now gone and I have an
original iMac. I was concerned initially at the 233MHz speed and only 32MB
ram but it word processes and surfs the 'net quicker than my 450MHz PIII at
work and that's got 256MB ram! I have another 128 MB ram on the way so I can
run MacOS 9. Oh yes, I'm definately an Apple convert now!"

Nice to know. I guess that an iBook for me shouldn't be a problem then.
Only question is: do I buy it now or wait until the fab MACOS X is out.

Pascal Massün @ Oostende.Belgium
IT Projectleader Euro 2002, KBC Bank&Insurance
"My taste is very simple, I'm always satisfied with the best."

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