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From: Gruendel, Frank 3837 PPE-WT (Frank.Gruendel@de.heidelberg.com)
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 10:49:13 CDT

Hopefully, I'm not starting another round of what's been discussed on this
list again and again, but this being one of my favorites, I can't resist:

>We don't promote hacks on this list. There are precious few developers
>supporting the Newton and the last thing we want to do is promote anything
>that hurts their business.

Personally, I see this from another angle. Of course we don't promote hacks,
that goes without saying. But here we have the case that someone wants to
obtain software legally and won't accept having to do this twice in order
to use the software on two different machines. Machines that most likely
will be used only by himself.
I couldn't agree more: We have precious few developers still supporting the
Newton. But we also have precious few customers who a) still use a Newton
are b) eager to purchase software for it.
>From a developer's point of view selling one copy of a software
product is better than selling no copy of a software product, isn't it?
Especially if people aren't exactly queueing in your back yard to hand over
their money?
My addmittedly personal and no doubt utterly unimportant opinion is that if
I buy
a product, I have bought the right to use it whereever I am. If I buy a CD,
I think I'm entitled to copy it as often as I want for my convenience,
provided that it won't at any time be used by two people at the same time.
If I buy a Newton program, I think I'm entitled to copy it to my Newton at
home, the Newton at work, the Newton in the car, the Newton in the garden
and any other Newtons I might have, provided that it won't at any time be
used... see above.

If the vendor's registration policy doesn't allow this, I don't buy the
and I do not use it. And I *never* buy products that I can't re-sell (or buy
because registration is dependant on the owner's name, Newton model, room
temperature or whatever the ingenious developer might have come up with.
And I avoid buying software that is copy protected and won't even allow me
to create
a backup.
Significantly more of my money would be in the hands of programmers if they
other registration policies.

And yes, all the software on all my Newtons / PC's / Macs I use at home and
at work or in the car or in the garden or whereever I am is legally

Just my two Pfennig (remember, I'm in Germany)

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