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From: markr13 (markr13@voicenet.com)
Date: Sat Jul 15 2000 - 14:17:53 CDT

>Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 21:24:45 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Doug Fuss <dmfuss@yahoo.com>
>Subject: NuShield
>Mark, I've been meaning to compliment you on the new
>size of the NuShields. About a month ago I replaced my
>old one with gaps at the top and bottom with one of
>the new ones and the difference is dramatic. They may
>be a little tougher to install but fit perfectly. No
>more dust slipping under the NuShield!
>Much was made about the size when we discussed the
>possibility of clear NuShields about a month or so
>ago, but those who complained about obviously had not
>tried the new ones. Nice job.
>BTW, how's the research on clearer NuShields coming

As I wrote a few days ago, not well. I was just contacted by my current
supplier who has a film version that has most of what I want but in the
wrong thickness. They are installing a new coating/curing line in the UK
where the product is made it will take 6 months to get up and running on
a commercial basis. My efforts to use their pilot line have so far
failed since the pilot line was dismanteled to make way for the new
commercial unit. I'll keep looking for other sources, but our volumes
are too small to really interest a custom coater.

Mark Ross

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