NTLK HP 870cse NETWORK printing

From: John Mark Davis (backlot@swbell.net)
Date: Sun Jul 16 2000 - 01:18:50 CDT

I have an HP DeskJet 870cse hooked up as a network printer (AppleTalk) with
my two Macs. I want to print over AppleTalk with my Newton, but I don't
have an HP DeskJet NETWORK driver.

I have an HP DeskJet driver for the Newton that prints fine if I just
directly connect the Newton to the printer via a serial cable. But it won't
recognize it over the network.

Additionally, Apple released version 3 of their StyleWriter 6500 driver
which allows network printing. The StyleWriter 6500 is basically the same
printer as the HP 870cse but the 6500 driver won't recognize my HP either.

Does anyone know how to hack either the HP DeskJet driver so that it will
recognize the printer over the network, or hack the 6500 (network) driver so
that it will recognize its cousin, the DeskJet 870cse, instead of just the
StyleWriter 6500?

It would be greatly appreciated!

John Mark Davis

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