Re: NTLK Unusual dialogue screen

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Sun Jul 16 2000 - 21:23:36 CDT

On 7/16/00 7:01 PM, Stephen Beesley []

>While cleaning the screen on my Newt With 9 piece of cloth recently, I got
>a dialogue Screen that I have never Seen before. the box had Wavey edges
>like an error message but it contained the following list:
> Button Bar
> Newton
> Newton
>Has anybody ever seen this? Know what it is for or how I activated it?
>Stephen Beesley
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>with SimpleMail 4.0

If you have a dialog box up on screen and yout press the overview button
(the dot next to the arrows in the button bar), the dialog box changes to
show you an outline of the last three dialog box message titles.

My guess is that as you were cleaning the screen, you pressed hard enough
on the button bar to try to move the Extras icon (which you can't do -
you get an error message if you try) and since Extras is next to the
arrows and overview button you then hit that next and caused the error
message to switch to the outline mode mentioned in the paragraph above.

 - Bill

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