Re: NTLK Help with Farallon ethernet cards

From: thwizard (
Date: Sun Jul 16 2000 - 21:42:05 CDT


After studying the archives and the related links, I have realized my
mistake. The digits on these cards are all "45." This number corresponds
to the " 45 - PN885a EtherWave PCMCIA v2 Card".

So, I would like to survey the list and determine which of these cards
we can expect to be compatible. I would be happy to compile a list if
people would email me with the numbers of the cards that work and those
that do not work in a Newton.

Printed on a sticker on one of the chips or printed on the back of a
PCMCIA card you will find a number with the format 00:00:C5:XX:ZZ:ZZ. On
a Farallon card the seventh and eighth digits, "XX" in the example
above, indicate which Farallon product it is.

The "PN" number would also be helpful. I have seen the REV:A, REV:B and
the REV:C cards all work properly in a Newton.



thwizard wrote:

> Dear Victor,
> I have read the list and followed the thread.
> I have cards with the seventh and eighth digits are not even on the
> list. And the work in the Newton
> These are all Farallon cards (as indicated by the EA*0000C5 digits)
> and they were all purchased as PN895 systems at the same time.
> Seventh and eighth digits on cards I know work:

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