Re: NTLK Off topic: minidisc (was MP3 decoding chip?)

From: Larry Zasitko (
Date: Tue Jul 18 2000 - 11:12:01 CDT

Actually it is quite simple. Cd quality. A disk that is small enough to put
in a pocket. The Sharp player/recorder is about the size of the minidisc and
about 3/4" thick so is also a lot smaller than full size cd players. There
is now a minidisc recorder/player for auto's so now you can also record
anything off it. If you have a multi (cd) disc changer you can record from
that to minidisc while driving to work etc. Very hard to get minidisc to
skip. In fact in the 1 1/2 years I have not had it skip at all, no matter
what I am doing.
 I have a Sharp 702 player/recorder and I have a Sony Minidisc player in my
van. I have over about the past year and a half recorded my cd collection
(250+ cd's) onto minidisc. I can carry them around in a case that is about
half the size of a briefcase. The minidiscs are just about indistructable. I
record all my minidisc's from a sony system that has an optical out. I heard
that there are cards for computers that now have an optical out.
Hey if I could find a way to use them to store programs on the computer I
would. Sony had released something a couple years ago but seems to have


Subject: Re: NTLK Off topic: minidisc (was MP3 decoding chip?)

> *why* would you get a minidisc player/recorder
> when CDRs are just over $100 (and can be used for
> other purposes), CDs are <$1 and portable CD
> players are $60 (and you've probably already got
> one)? I've never understood minidisc players.
> >
> > You know, if you're going to shell out the
> > money for an external unit, you
> > should do yourself a favor and buy an MD
> > recorder instead. MiniDisc sounds
> > better than any MP3, even those recorded at the
> > highest bitrates
> > (~320kbps). Media is cheap: ~$2.00 per many
> > times reusable disc which can
> > hold 74 minutes of music (80 minute MD blanks
> > can be had for a little
> > more), compared to upwards of $150 for the
> > equivalent capacity in Compact
> > Flash or Smartmedia. Portable recorders can be
> > had for as little as $150
> > (or as much as $300 for the newest and smallest
> > units). And *any* audio
> > source with a line out (or preferably an
> > optical line out) can be used as a
> > source.

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