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Date: Tue Jul 18 2000 - 16:23:47 CDT

This was taken from Apple rumor site, The NMR Report (

Writing's on the wall
Speaking of fine print, the Blade's ropy-muscled field team of
Egyptologists has been doing some serious spade work on a top-secret
project hitherto sealed securely behind a hidden trap door in Apple's

Dubbed Rosetta Stone (apparently in homage to the Blade's former nom de
drag queen), the software -- currently in development for Mac OS X -- is
aimed at resurrecting the mummified remains of the handwriting-recognition
technology behind Apple's long-dead Newton PDA and putting it to work on
forthcoming Mac lap- and desktops.

While the effort remains a work in progress -- albeit a fairly well-formed
one -- some pie-eyed optimists are already hoping that the advent of
Rosetta Stone will ultimately do to the keyboard what the iMac did to the
old-school floppy disk.

According to the Blade's jackal-headed informants, the first candidate for
Rosetta Stone is the next-generation PowerBook Apple is planning to release
early in 2001; if current plans hold, the system's trackpad will
accommodate pen input as well as the usual repertoire of five-finger

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