NTLK Fw: What a tangled web we weave...

From: Ermin Mistica (angel316@earthlink.net)
Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 01:24:06 CDT

> Dear Fellow Newton Users,
> Well I am home safe home. I just got back from a college road trip from
> Niagra Falls, Ontario with some college friends. It was beautiful!!! I
> Canada. The people are great and the gambling was kewl (nope didn't win
> diddly). Yeah my Newton had fun, too. He helpd me with exchange rates, the
> little french I used while I was up there, and taking down my journal, as
> well as entertaining my friends and I with games and MacInTalk, seeing as
> the Game Boy and CD player was constantly being fought over.
> I see there was quite a discussion going on with the software licensing
> thing. All I wanted was my TimeTrax!!! In the meantime I learned quite a
> about the "purchasing" and "licensing" thing. While we're at it let's all
> throw in a discussion about Napster!!! Just Kidding. Really I was. I do
> want to get into discussing Napster on this Talk Group. Anyways, after
> searching for Dates alternatives on the Net and after having received a
> suggestions from others, I'm afraid I'm still hung on TimeTrax. I just
> the User Interface!!!
> I wrote the people in Germany who "license" out the program (did I get it
> right?) to customers, I got a reply. I was told that the License Agreement
> will stay, albeit, they will give me (2) complimentary codes with the
> "purchase" of (2) registration codes for the software. I thought this was
> good compromise. That is fine as I do have (4) Newtons (don't hate me!!! I
> worked fricking hard to get them, too) that I would love/need (is there a
> difference between need and want and love? Hee. j/k) to use with.
> Last Thursday night after searching the Net I succumbed and "purchased" a
> registration code. Now in order to get it working on all four I just need
> buy one more and at $33.00 (US) this isn't a bad thing.
> That still doesn't mean I like the licensing thing based on registration
> codes. I mean, honestly, I'm a college student and I don't mean to use
> as an excuse but I see it all the time. Students will share software when
> they need to/have to; They share books and pass them on to others students
> taking the same class next semester; they pass on papers; and test and
> quizzes. Sometimes money changes hands and unfortunately more often than
> it doesn't. This goes for pretty much a lot of things: Software, books,
> the notorious Napster. Got M(ilk)P3? Seriously though. Is it that much
> different? Maybe someone can yet change my mind, then again maybe not.
> I understand the whole thing about licensing the software it's just
> frustrating as a comsumer to have to purchase separate codes. I don't
> I don't want to get too deep into something I'm not all too familiar with.
> All I want is my TimeTrax!!! But I'm not bitter. I am oppurtunistic. They
> said that I can get two additional codes with the purchase of two. This is
> bargain as far as I can see and I will take advantage of it. I am all for
> encouraging people to develop for the Newton. It has been a long delayed
> project for me but as soon I get the time I would love to learn to develop
> programs for Newton. I swear and you guys heard it here first, they will
> free. Save this email for future reference and make me eat my words if I
> much as slap a shareware fee on anything I may produce, whether that be a
> bug fix or a full blown version of my own TimeTrax. Who knows? But you'll
> get it FREE. After all tomorrow is...another day!!!
> Take care guys and wear the day well!!!
> Ermin
> "Simma duhn na!!! Simma duhn na!!! Hey you!!! Simma...Duhn...Na!!! "
> down now!!!)
> -Serry O'Terry (sp?) on SNL (Saturday Night Live)
> She's da freakin' bomb!!!

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