NTLK eMate playing possum?

From: good-dog@northshore.net
Date: Sat Jul 22 2000 - 06:29:37 CDT

To everyone (except the respected Hawaiian Doctor, Paul G, PH & D.):

My eMate is playing possum, I think. Maybe it's because it's from the
Midwest and it's shy and maybe I get too close to it too quickly and
touch it too readily, causing it to retreat. Lord knows I have problems
with interpersonal relationships, which was pointed out in appropriate
doctoral fashion by the Hawaiian dude in earlier posts. But I always
thought I treated my Newtons with respect and never called it any
uncomplimentary names.

I had it in storage like I was instructed to do by you stalwart newton
Veterans, with the battery pulled out, but when I reinstalled the
battery and charged it up (the green light was on indicating it was
fully juiced), my little green pal started up once, then bit the dust.
It didn't even cough or make a sound. I think it went back to sleep.

Does anyone know a trick to bring it back to life? Is this because the
machine was originally from some other location, like Canada, and I need
to work some local voodoo on it to make it happy, aye? Beer, aye? Talk
to it about hockey, aye? Maybe it's not knowing the proper etiquette of
its place of origin that is causing all this trouble. How would I tell?
What if it's from Hawaii? Should I tell it that the stupid mainlanders
won't be able to help me, only the smart Island people will? Or what if
it's a Chemist at heart? What a mess!

Can anyone help? I seem to remember a method to trick eMates into
performing when they are being brats. Not that mine is being a brat.
It's just not doing what I want, so I assume the worst. I fully take
responsibility that I may be a moron if the dunce cap fits.

Mark, the very, very bad, ugly American dog.

PS: (in case Paul G. from Hawaii breaks his promise not to respond to or
read my posts, this current question about Canadians, deals with a
serious socio-economic racist issue that is very ugly, and since I'm
involved, it's already extremely ugly. I'd recommend not entering the
fray. It's not for the weak at heart or stomach. Besides, you promised.)

Q: Does anybody know how Canadians spell 'Canada'?

A: C-Aye-N-Aye-D-Aye!
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