NTLK remember www.newton-inc.com?

From: MYQ Y. Q. LARSON (MYQ@cc.usu.edu)
Date: Sun Jul 23 2000 - 20:41:35 CDT

Hi everyone,

Just killing time when I noticed that Apple still owns newton.com (although it
never used it) but has let it's license of Newton-inc.com expire. This USED
to be the main site for Newton info. It's now owned by:

        pc strategies (NEWTON-INC2-DOM)
           P.O. Box 10426
           marina del rey, CA 90295

           Domain Name: NEWTON-INC.COM

           Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact, Billing
              contact, net (NCX112) info@ONEILFDN.ORG
              P.O. Box 10426
              marina del rey , CA 90295

           Record last updated on 06-Jun-2000.
           Record expires on 06-Jun-2001.
           Record created on 06-Jun-2000.
           Database last updated on 22-Jul-2000 23:07:47 EDT.

           Domain servers in listed order:


	Myq Larson  /  Stable Isotope Analysis  \   myq@cc.usu.edu 
	.'.'.'.'.'  \   Utah State University   /  435.713.4245 (h) 
	Knowledge   /    5305 Old  Main Hill    \  435.797.0060 (w)
	Liberates   \   Logan  UT  84322-5305   /  435.797.1575 (f) 
	Myq's waste of bandwidth --> http://www.crosswinds.net/~myq
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