Re: NTLK MP2K <-> Mac OS X

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Sun Jul 23 2000 - 22:34:20 CDT

On 7/21/00 1:14 AM, Peter Curtis [] wrote:

>Hi there,
>I have a beige G3 running Mac OS X DP4 and a MP 2100. For the life of me,
>I can't get the two to talk.
>There's no versions of NCU running on OS X (come on, Newton
>developers...), and running NCU in Classic is no good, because Classic
>cannot see serial ports.
>Besides hoping Classic gains that ability for the final release, any
>suggestions? Rebooting into Mac OS 9 is the pits, especially as it means I
>have to shut down all of the (important) servers running in X.
>Pete Curtis

Can you use Ethernet?

If so, use AppleTalk and an Ethernet card in your Newton. There are
plenty that work. Visit Newton Resource's Ethernet page at to find a list of cards that work and drivers for

MUCH faster than serial too. MUCH.

Face it -- serial is dead. While Apple MIGHT support in on OS X, I
wouldn't hold my breath for it, especially in developer previews and
public betas and maybe even in the first release....most of the Macs out
there for the last several years don't even HAVE serial ports.
LocalTalk support and legacy port support is probably secondary on OS X's

 - Bill (who is looking forward to the public beta of OS X in September
and VERY disappointed Stevie's crew didn't ship it at Macworld Expo.)

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