Re: NTLK MP2X00 stylus

From: Ben Doughney (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 00:24:02 CDT

on 24/7/00 4:55 AM, Wolf Lichtenberger at wrote:

> I do actually use several wood styluses in addition to the originally
> supplied one of my MP2100-d.
> Started doing that because of scratches made by the original stylus tip
> (i suspect grit caught between tip and display), just when i made
> energetic big strokes to scrub out several lines of text together...
> 8^(((
> The wood styluses don't seem to be that prone to making scratches.
> Also i like the feel of finely sanded and paper-polished wood styluses
> very much. The tip i prepare with a pencil sharpener, finishing it by
> rotating on coarse paper (blotting paper, newspaper) or on another
> piece of slightly softer wood, until it becomes a nice round shape of
> about 1/2 to 1 mm diameter.
> Someone said earlier that real Geeks don't do wood work. 8^)
> Opinions, anyone?
Do you think you could post pictures of these styli somewhere? I am
interested in seeing what these look like. What type of wood did you make
them out of?

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