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From: J. van de Griek (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 05:29:12 CDT

Newton Links wrote:

> on 7/23/00 8:53 PM, Jake Luck at wrote:
> > is the latest NCU 2.0?
> I believe its 1.0 for NCU and 2.0 NBU. There's a lot of confusion between
> the two. NBU is for old MP's and was released before NCU. Not sure but I
> think NCU will work on older MP as well. NCU was came with the MP2000 as a
> beta then a update was released to version 1.0


- NCU: Newton Connection Utilities, works with NOS 2.x Newtons only. Latest
version: 1.0.

- NBU: Newton Backup Utility, basically NCU with the synching options
removed, works with NOS 2.x Newtons, but can backup NOS 1.x Newtons; this
was to transfer information from 1.3 120's to the 2.0 version after
upgrading. Latest version: 1.0. Freeware.

- NCK: Newton Connection Kit, works with NOS 1.x Newtons only. Latest
version: 2.0.

- NPI: Newton Package Installer, works with all Newtons. Does one thing
only; installing packages on a Newton from a desktop computer. Latest
version: 1.1. Freeware.

Joost van de Griek
Applications Developer
Yacht ICT

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